Patient experience in hair transplantation

Experiences, reviews from our patients about the treatment in the Hair-Transplant-Center Hamburg and Kiel:

It has been more than a year since my hair transplant. Looking back, it was a complete success. The predicted results have come true and I am very satisfied with the very natural-looking result. I always felt that I was in very good hands with Ms. Mahmood. The consultation and implementation of the transplant was very professional. At the same time, Mrs. Mahmood always had an open ear for questions before the operation and during the aftercare period. The completely very good experience was rounded off by the fact that Ms. Mahmood advised me against my much larger planned number of grafts during the consultation. My conclusion: Based on my experience, I am very happy to recommend Ms. Mahmood and I am happy that I chose her.

Patient, male, 38 years old
Location: Hamburg / Date: 05/2022

 " I could have accepted my hereditary hair loss, for example, or I could have done something about it. After a little thought, I decided to do something about it. So one day I made my way to Hamburg for my first consultation with Dr. Mahmood in the Kosmed Clinic. As soon as you were greeted at the clinic, you immediately felt that you were in good hands with the pleasant and friendly atmosphere exuded by the staff there. Miss Dr. Mahmood took a lot of time in the subsequent consultation and explained to me in detail whether a transplant even makes sense for me, how it would work and at the same time answer my own questions and doubts about this topic. She always decides - also with regard to the future - for the benefit of the patient opposite you. I can say without a doubt that Dr. Mahmood is an expert in this / your field and also personally with her friendly nature gives you the feeling of being in good hands. On the day of the operation, I was very excited and full of anticipation, so that it became a bit painful for me and the sedative and pain pills didn't really help me. But every person reacts differently, everything in all was bearable in any case! The surgical procedure then worked like a rope and Dr. Mahmood and your team did a great job. I felt that I was in good hands at all times and the separate provision of food and drink is more than just good! Dr. Mahmood my persistent tension and tried to eliminate it through small talk - it only worked to a limited extent despite the greatest effort. In the end, the procedure lasted most of the day (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.). Miss Dr. Mahmood then explained to me the follow-up treatment that had to be carried out independently for the first few days and kept calling me to inquire. She was also available almost at any time to clarify open questions on my part. There were 2 follow-up appointments in Hamburg to check the result. It was almost exactly 1 year ago my surgery and I am very happy that I dared to take this step. The result turned out very well and I don't regret doing it for a second. My hair now looks as natural as it used to and my family and closest friends wouldn't recognize it if they didn't know. I thank Dr. Mahmood and your team with all my heart !!!"

Patient, male, 28 years old
Location: Geestland / Date: 11/2017

 "After having dealt with the subject of hair transplantation for 20 years, after the first consultation with Dr. Mahmood is convinced that he is in the best of hands here. The transplantation itself was almost painless and I was able to enjoy the day that I had been looking forward to for 20 years completely relaxed. 1,600 individual hairs were removed and planted in the receding hairline. The very next day I was able to go about my work without any impairment. After four months, a very good result was already visible and the implanted hair was cut at the hairdresser's for the first time at this point. I can unreservedly recommend the Kosmed Klinik."

Patient, male, 46 years old
Location: Hildesheim / Date: 03/2017

" Zack! Only one day in the clinic of Dr. Madiha Mahmood and the world and you look completely different. It was one of the best decisions of my life to have a hair transplant with Dr. Have Mahmood perform. Every look in the mirror makes me smile and my wife fell in love with me all over again. Many many thanks!"

Patient, male, 57 years old
Location: Hamburg

"Today I would like to thank you very much again. After I had to hide my hair under a cap for almost 3 years, I am absolutely satisfied about 7 months after the operation. So in spite of the fact that the final result only becomes visible one year after the operation, I am really very happy and satisfied, then my transplanted hair is now long enough that it can be combed and styled very well. Mahmood ... thanks and appreciation for your art ... I call it art because you have managed to restore my hair as naturally as God hoped not even my relatives or my hairdresser noticed it they are really a Corifee, an absolute specialist who can do really very good and successful FUE operations, without experiments, you can trust them immediately without hesitation, they are human and in any case: "one more friend" and to all desperate people out there who have hair loss: I had my HT FUE operation on (Saturday, July 5th, 2014 in Hamburg), at first - to be honest - I was a bit afraid and respectful of the PO, but during and after that I was totally enthusiastic about the warm and cozy atmosphere - especially when Dr. Mahmood sang so beautifully and quietly during the operation:) The operation itself was just great and painless. I can only advise everyone who is skeptical or fearful about the subject of hair transplant surgery, Dr. Visit Madiha Mahmood.The friendliness and helpfulness and honesty, your knowledge and the way of explaining things are extremely convincing and pleasantly personable. About 3 months after the operation I really felt so comfortable and confident and beautiful a wonderful feeling. With best regards from Kiel, I remain as your grateful patient."

Patient, male, 33 years old
Location: Kiel

 Hair transplant after autoimmune disease: " Because of my previous illness, it was a difficult operation - for which many precautions had to be taken. The Kosmed Klinik is one of the few clinics in Germany that carry out such demanding operations and I felt very well supported through the entire process. The first follow-up examinations have now shown that the result is excellent. " 

Patient, female, over 50 years old
Location: Kiel / Date: 07/2020

 " It's been over a year since the hair transplant. I would like to let you know that I am very satisfied, the result is exactly as you predicted. I felt that I was in very good hands with you the whole time, the treatment and aftercare were excellent. "

Patient, male, 66 years old
Location: Kiel / Date: 11/2018

 " After a long hesitation, I visited Dr. Mahmood for the 1 consultation appointment. The current status and transplant options through the various surgical techniques were discussed. What is possible and what is not was clearly communicated. After a second conversation, I decided to have an FUE operation. The operation was almost painless! In the next few days it is a little difficult to ensure that the freshly transplanted hair is not touched heavily in everyday life and while sleeping. After 3-4 months, the transplanted hair began to grow. After 6 months, the transplanted areas are already well covered by the new hair. I am very satisfied with the result and the entire consultation and treatment by Dr. Mahmood. One of my best decisions! "

Patient, male, 36 years old
Location: Hamburg / Date: 08/2017

 " I am very satisfied with the whole process from the first appointment of the examination of the hair analysis or hair situation and the hair transplant as well as the two days of surgery. The stay in the clinic was very pleasant and friendly. I am satisfied with the results of the HT."

Patient, male, 47 years old
Location: Burg auf Fehmarn / Date: 12/2016

 " From the beginning I felt very comfortable in the hands of Dr. Mahmood. She was and is always honest and very professional in her advice. Since this procedure can be very painful, the most important thing I do with Dr. Mahmood found. I am more than satisfied with the result and can do this procedure, especially with Dr. Mahmood, recommend to everyone. Finally full hair and no more receding hairlines, that was the result after just 4 months."

Patient, male, 30 years old
Location: Hamburg

"Madiha Mahmood is an absolute professional in the hair transplant sector. You can experience this in a very honest and understandable preliminary talk and especially during the procedure. She is incredibly patient, passionate, and accurate at work. Hats off to her unbelievable, especially physically demanding work and the great result. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed. Since I know myself what a big, difficult step this means for someone, I am happy to offer a personal exchange with me should the need arise. You are welcome to ask for my e-mail address. "

Patient, male, 39 years old
Location: Hamburg

 " The clinic was very good, everyone was very nice and friendly. I felt comfortable. Treatment was great and I was well looked after. The food was delicious too. Thanks result, I have to wait a while until my hair has grown. Recommend it to everyone who wants to have new hair! Many thanks for everything."

Patient, male, 36 years old
Location: Hamburg

 " I had a hair transplant performed at the Kosmed Clinic. My receding hairline and hair profile were corrected. The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed during the operation. With soft background music. Dr Mahmood has implanted every single hair with infinite patience. I always felt that I was in good hands. The hair is well grown and strong. I would do it again and again if necessary."

Patient, male, 58 years old
Location: Hamburg

 " The change of face due to hair loss is a gradual process that one becomes aware of every morning when looking in the mirror. There are many people who see a bald head as a trademark and can live with it just fine, I am not one of them. In search of a solution, I came across the Kosmed Clinic during my research and signed up for a non-binding discussion. I already found this first conversation with Ms. Mahmood to be professional and beneficial. With my 66 years and the not exactly abundant remnants of hair on the back of my head, it was clear to me that the head of hair from the 1968 years could not be restored. But Ms. Mahmood's affectionately meant statement that I wanted to give me a face again was immediately perceived as a realistic target and I embarked on the adventure. In fact, it was not an adventure, but a very caring and accompanied procedure that was carried out by Ms. Mahmood with an almost endless amount of patience and care. I can only describe the entire support from the preliminary discussions to the follow-up inspection as exemplary. The treatment was practically painless for me and the humorous atmosphere during the procedure helped over the not insignificant time span of the procedure. Now, a year later, I am infinitely grateful and can only recommend this clinic to anyone with similar problems and feelings. Grateful greetings "

Patient, male, 66 years old
Location: Plön / Date: 02/2019

 " I am enthusiastic about the honest and credible advice and also about the quality of the treatment and aftercare. The result is more than satisfactory. Highly Recommended. "

Patient, male, 53 years old
Location: Handewitt / Date: 05/2018

 " Getting my hair inserted was not an easy decision for me, who almost never had to deal with doctors, operations or illnesses. My research on the Internet led me to the Kosmed Clinic in Hamburg. FUE hair transplantation seemed to me to be the most suitable method for filling in my receding hairline. During the first preliminary talk at the Kosmed Clinic, Dr. Mahmood reduce my skepticism. Rightly so, as the treatment showed. The pain of such treatment predicted by so many has not materialized. Not while the hair is being inserted by Dr. Mahmood and not in the time after either. After just a few days, I was able to go out on the streets again without covering my head. After a month, I was able to get my hair colored again without complications. And now, a few months later, my hair looks very beautiful and natural. It's an uplifting feeling to have your hair back. I can recommend the Kosmed Clinic and especially Dr. Recommend Mahmood with a clear conscience."

Patient, male, 67 years old
Location: Hamburg / Date: 11/2016

 "My experience with Ms. Mahmood about my hair transplant has been consistently positive. Starting with the excellent advice and implementation of the transplant to the follow-up examination. I would choose this step again at any time. I am very satisfied with the result."

Patient, male, 35 years old
Location: Kiel 

"I decided to have a hair transplant in 2014 and arranged a consultation with Dr Mahmood in the Kosmed Clinic, I received a very warm welcome from her and I was given really good advice. You really get the feeling with her that she wants to meet the wishes of the patient and is not interested in just selling a procedure for a lot of money. But it also speaks very clearly about what is realistically possible. The team was also very flexible when it came to setting an appointment, and I was able to arrange my preferred date. Two operations were performed, one in the area of ​​the tonsure and on the second day of the operation in the area of ​​the receding hairline. Despite the long surgery times, Dr Mahmood was highly concentrated and always in a good mood. I also felt very well advised about aftercare. A good year after the procedure, I am very satisfied with the result and would have it done again and again by Dr Mahmood."

Patient, male, 36 years old
Location: Kiel 

"The treatment with Dr. Mahmood begins with the most important things, a careful and sensitive analysis of what is feasible. In no way did I feel any pressure from the operation, so that I quickly gained confidence. The procedure is very time-consuming, the quality of the surgical work has led to an outstanding result. Ms. Mahmood can fall back on a well-coordinated team in whose hands I felt well received. I am not only satisfied with the result, but also with the operative follow-up. Many thanks."

Patient, male, 33 years old
Location: Hamburg 

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