Eyebrows and Beard Hair Transplant

Our specialists carry out hair restoration on eyebrows, beard hair and on scars.

Eyebrows - Hair Transplant

For eyebrow transplants, we use the single hair transplant method at the Kosmed-Clinic.

Your surgeon needs a highly developed aesthetic sense for the eyebrow transplant: the hairline of the eyebrows must be precise to the millimeter so that your face is given the best possible emphasis by the eyebrow transplant. The brow line must also be well proportioned in terms of thickness.

A detailed examination and consultation is available at the Kosmed-Clinic.

Augenbrauen Transplantationen

The most important cornerstones of hair transplantation for the eyebrows:

  • We take individual hair follicles and others from the back of the head or into other social relationships.
  • We use an extra-thin hollow needle to collect the donor hair. It has another less than a millimeter.
  • Subsequent examination of its suitability, we put the hair back in your eyebrow region piece by piece. We can condense your brows or develop them from scratch.
  • When planting, we are specifically focused on the direction and limits of hair growth.
  • The scarring during an eyebrow transplant is so small that it can be safely avoided.
  • Those in charge of hair dropped due to the transplant after time out. Inward kinship of the which usually after.
  • Hair that has grown back after four to five months remains in its new location for life.

In some cases, hair or beard hair is best for an eyebrow transplant. They are often most similar to the existing brow hair in terms of growth behavior and texture. A detailed examination helps our experienced doctors choose the donor hair.

Before the eyebrow transplant, the skin is numbed locally in the treatment areas. You will normally feel very little of the treatment. A hair transplant for the eyebrows takes place on an outpatient basis, after the treatment you can go straight back home.

The number of hairs to be transplanted and the associated costs depend on the need for replenishment. The entire eyebrow transplant usually takes a few hours. During the treatment you have the opportunity to listen to music, watch a film or read. After the eyebrow transplant, you should, of course, protect the treatment areas a little. The attending physician will explain the details to you in detail.

Beard - Hair Transplant

A beard hair transplant is a form of your own hair transplantation that offers the possibility of correcting patchy or missing beard growth. As with classic hair transplants, hair is removed from the back of the head, prepared and finally replanted on the face. This can be used to fill in gaps in the beard, light hair on the cheeks and even an entire beard.
After planting your own hair, the hair grows back lifelong and can thus permanently fix light beard growth.

Scars - Hair Transplant

Scars in the area of ​​hairy areas are usually very noticeable due to the lack of hair.
Here a hair transplant with the FUE technique can wonderfully hide this defect.

Call us and arrange a personal consultation with our hair experts.
We look forward to you!

You can find more information about our hair transplant treatment on our website www.kosmed-klinik.de

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